Noman House – DHA Phase II – Islamabad

Noman House – Classical House- DHA Phase II – Islamabad


Client: Mr. Muhammad Noman Ali Sajjad
Location: Plot 01 – Lane 13 – Sector G – Defense Housing Authority – DHA Phase II – Islamabad
Google Maps: Click here to open the location.
Project type: Residential design.
Plot area: 50 x 90 – One Kanal – Corner plot
Covered area: 9,000 square feet approx.
Total floors: Ground plus first floor with mumty.
Status: Completed.
Consultants: Design House (Structure design).


Noman House – A Classical House Design in DHA Phase II Islamabad by Architects of Primarc Studio

Each building project has its own special mix of difficulties and rewards for architects, requiring fresh ideas and careful preparation. The design of a corner house in Defense Housing Authority – DHA Phase II, Islamabad for a client in Saudi Arabia was amongst one of the most smooth sailing projects in the short yet progressive projects of my career and of Primarc Studio, an Architecture and interior design firm in Islamabad.

Client’s Brief:

The initial challenge was due to the geographical separation between the client’s location in Saudi Arabia and our team. Given that our responsibility extended to half of the on-site communication and decision-making.

Client aspiration for the facade was mainly classical and  it was designed according to their vision . Despite presenting the client with an image of a modern, streamlined residence, their preference remained firmly anchored in the classical style.


The design of this residence’s layout was curated to align seamlessly with the client’s specific requirements, maximising the potential of the plot’s prime location. The incorporation of two parking spaces takes advantage of the corner plot’s strategic positioning.

Another requirement by the client was to design a separate rental unit that’s why a partition was integrated, offering flexibility by creating a distinct rental unit on the ground floor. The addition of a new door provides tenants with an enhanced sense of privacy. Additionally, the small mumty on the roof remains available for the client’s personal use, if desired. This thoughtful design approach adds both functionality and adaptability to the overall architectural concept.


The façade of this structure serves as a harmonious blend of classical and contemporary design.

Mindful of budget considerations, we incorporated decorative mouldings to achieve a balanced fusion of modern and traditional elements. Material selection played a vital role, with a deliberate choice of high-quality options to ensure longevity with minimal maintenance. Opting for a textured finish on the exterior, with a lifespan of 7-10 years, surpassed the conventional paint alternative lasting only around 3 years. The result is visually appealing , distinguished in DHA Phase II by its use of earthy tones and rich textures, setting it apart from neighbouring residences.

Interior design:

The interior design of this residence was designed to seamlessly connect the classical facade with the modern and inviting indoor spaces. This design choice involved incorporating niches and freestanding walls in the restrooms, introducing an innovative touch that enhanced the overall spatial experience, promoting openness and a contemporary ambiance. 

Upon entering the home, residents and visitors are welcomed by a striking double-height foyer. Strategically positioned windows allow ample natural light to fill the space, accentuating its aesthetic appeal and fostering a serene and relaxing atmosphere. The careful placement of lighting fixtures, blending decorative and functional elements, plays a vital role in creating a warm ambiance while accentuating key design features.


Classical house exterior design in DHA Phase II
Classical design of a house with double parking - Visualization
Exterior design of house with ground first floor and mumty, with parking space for two cars
Exterior design of the house in classical style
Exterior design of pakistani house in DHA Phase II in classical style
Classical house in minimalist style
Classical house view from the corner
Interior view fot eh dining and lounge with fans and standing wall in the middle
Interior view oft eh dining room with sitting on the right and lounge on the left side
Interior design and view of the double height lobby at entrance
Drawing room interior design and open view of the house
Lounge and interior design of the house with entrance door
Lounge interior view with the use of 3d visualization
Lounge sitting and interior design view of the house in DHA Phase II
Kitchen interior design and doors with niches
View of the house from the kitchen, you can view the dining room and lounge