Frequently Asked Questions

Architect FAQs

What is the design process like for residential design?

To mention it comprehensively, we start from a basic requirement for our client, for what is required or what they want to see in the house.

We then start with basic planning of the house. Please note that we will work slowly towards the end by finalizing things as they come, so no 3D of exterior on this stage.

When plan has been finalized, we will then move onto exterior design. After this stage has been completed, we then make submission for you to submit in authorities office.

While submission process is going on, we complete our consultations with structure and mep engineers and finalize your construction drawings. And issue them to you in the end.

How long does a typical architectural project take?

Project timelines vary widely depending on complexity and scope. Architects can provide estimates based on your project’s specifics.

But if you are looking for a timeline, it typically takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months. The process moves as fast as you give your feedback.

Do you do commercial design?

Yes, we do make commercial design and also do interior design for offices as well.

What services does your architecture company provide?

We provide complete start to end solutions, from planning till finishing stage of construction.

Do you know interior designers?

Yes, we do. And we have interior designers in-house also. We have a preference with our interior designers as we are aware of their work and the designs and working drawings that they produce.

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Technical FAQs

Can architects work with my budget?

Yes, we can work with any budget, having a budget in mind help us make sure that we are designing something which can be constructed as visualized and align with your budget.

Make cost-effective decisions without compromising on quality.

What is the right budget for my house or project?

The right price for the job depends on many things, including the size of the project, the materials needed, and the amount of labour needed. We can give you a rough idea of how much your project will cost and will stick to your budget when making the plans.

How do I communicate my design preferences to an architect?

Effective communication is crucial. Share inspiration images, preferences, and priorities, and engage in open discussions with your architect.

How long will it take to complete the drawings?

Construction drawings typically take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month or more, depending on the complexity of the project.

If you are looking to start your construction ASAP, we can issue drawings on short notice as soon as basics are lined up and we are on the same page with our consultants. We can issue foundation drawings and an excavation plan for you in two to three days.

What authorities are you registered with?

Our architects are registered with PCATP, CDA, RDA, and DHA. Bahria and other societies like Bahria, accept registration of PCATP and don’t require architects to be registered with them specifically.

What services do architecture firms offer?

Architecture firms offer a range of services, including architectural design, interior design, landscape design, VR, graphic design, project management, feasibility studies, 3D visualization, and more.

Do you know builders or contractors?

Yes, we work with many difference contractors and have many of our own contractors and our own teams, who have been tested on various projects and have a proven track record.

If a client has their own contractor, we are happy to meet new people and coordinate with them regarding any project.

What happens duing the construction phase?

We want to be part of the construction, as designing is half our job and getting it built on site is the other half. We coordinate with contractors and clients on site visits and make sure construction is moving according to the given drawings.

Any issues are also resolved on site, we also issue our site visit report to the client, so they also know what feedback was given on site and what was the status of the site when we visited.

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Billing FAQs

What is your fee / How much do you charge?

The cost of hiring an architect or an architectural firm can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from 100Rs per square foot to 250Rs per square foot, depending on what services you require for your project.

We charge in square feet as structure engineers, MEP engineers and your builder/contractor is also charging per square foot, it is a norm of this profession.

What is your fee structure / mode of payment for projects?

Our contract has a mode of payment mentioned and it is divided in four to five stages.

1. Advance – 30%

2. Approval of concept – 20%

3. Submission drawings – 20%

4. Set of construction drawings. 30%

Faq about 1 Kanal modern house design in bahria enclave

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