Berkeley Square – Airport Road – Rawalpindi

Berkeley Square – Airport Road – Rawalpindi

Joint Venture with Suhail and Fawad Architects


Client: Mr. Fazal Ul Haq.
Location: Old Airport Road, Service Road – Fazal Town, Rawalpindi
Google Maps: Click here to open the location.
Project type: Mix Use Commercial building.
Plot area: 85 Marlas, 4 Kanal 4 Marlas.
Covered area:144,000 square feet.
Total floors: 
Status: Under Construction.


Services provided:

Architecture design
Interior design
Landscape design
Structure design
Electrical design
Plumbing design
Site supervision


Berkeley Square – A mix-use commercial project by Primarc Studio

As an architect who loves art and wants to build in a way that benefits society, every job is a chance to learn and try something new. One of these is the Berkeley Square, a mixed-use facility that is being built on the old airport road, Rawalpindi. This mid-rise building tries to find ways to save money without sacrificing design style or the beauty of the building from the outside. Suhail & Fawad Architects and Primarc Studio have taken on this difficult project, which includes both business retail spaces and a separate building designed specifically as apartments for people to live in.

As the architects behind this inspiring project, we use our knowledge, experiences, and way of designing to make a place that is both beautiful and meaningful.

Client’s Brief:

Before starting to design Berkeley Square, we made it our top goal to fully understand and match the client’s vision. The client asked for a mixed-use building that had both business and living areas and met the needs of both tenants and visitors.

The task was to make the site’s complicated layout work best while keeping it open, green, and friendly for everyone. We took this chance to show that design can be socially responsible and make people’s lives better, both for the people who live there and for the people who live nearby.

Master Plan:

The overall plan for Berkeley Square was like putting together an interesting puzzle. The uneven shape of the land parcel was a unique task that required a careful plan to meet different needs while keeping a sense of unity. Our team took the time to study how complicated the site was, sticking to tight rules and coming up with multiple solutions to come up with the best design.

Our process was based on the key idea that we should finish the plan before designing the face. Our goal was to make indoor places that not only fit together well but also linked to green courts, gardens, and balconies with unobstructed views. This whole-systems approach makes sure that the whole complex becomes a healthy ecosystem where architecture and nature work together to make the experience better for both residents and visitors.


The façade of Berkeley Square is the best part of the whole building because it has these three feelings practical, commercial and a little bit artistic. But before we got to this interesting upper layer, it was important to understand why it was there. The face, which is like the building’s skin, not only covers the building but also tells a story that fits with the area and the spirit of the project.

We made the front of the building look like the surroundings around it by taking ideas from the natural world. Material, colour, and shape play off of each other in a way that echoes the greenery that is scattered throughout the complex. Also, the windows and doors are placed in a way that lets in natural light and air while keeping the people inside private regardless of whether its a mall or apartments building.

With this careful and meaningful design, the façade is more than just a pretty addition; it becomes an important part of the soul of the complex.


The most important part of any mixed-use development is the room inside, which needs to be functional, comfortable, and have an inviting atmosphere. For Berkeley Square, our main goal was to make spaces that could be changed and used in different ways to meet the needs of retail, industrial, and residential tenants. Each room was carefully planned so that there was a smooth flow between them and clear views of the scenery outside.

We put natural features all over the interiors because that’s what biophilic design says to do. Indoor gardens, vertical green walls, and lots of natural light give the people who live there a feeling of calm and well-being. Also, the project’s dedication to social responsibility and environmental sustainability is supported by the use of sustainable materials and systems that use less energy.

Wrapping up:

The Berkeley Square project located in Rawalpindi, shows how powerful socially responsible design is and how it can change the way people live in cities. As Primarc Studio, we took advantage of the site’s complexity to be more creative and come up with new ideas. Our design approach focuses on the human experience, the link with nature, and the smooth integration of functions, while the façade remains a poetic expression of the project’s essence.

We can’t wait to see Berkeley Square being built because it will be just like we pictured it: a symbol of modern building that fits in with its surroundings and community. Through this project, we hope to get people to accept the idea of socially responsible architecture and make spaces that improve people’s lives, honor nature, and last for a long time.


Exterior design of mall with bricks and concrete
Mall and apartment building exterior design
Exterior design of mall with windows, bricks and concrete and greenery
Exterior design of mall with windows, bricks and concrete and greenery in Rawalpindi
Entrance of berkeley square of mall
Apartment's exterior design
Exterior design of apartment facade
modern facade design with bricks and stone
Bird eye view of exterior design of berkeley square
Berkeley Square exterior design from the bird eye view
Commercial apartment design view from the bird eye view
Exterior design of apartment with mall
sitting area on the roof of berkeley square
Sitting area with planters on the roof
sitting area on the roof with roof and wooden deck
Atrium design with shops on the side - well lit overall
Berkeley Square atrium design with large skylight windows
View of the mall from the atrium
View of the atrium with bricks in the interior
Interior design with stairs and escalators
Apartment lobby view
lobby design with lifts and stairs
Apartment lobby view of the 3d visualization
Skylight giving natural light in the apartment building with lifts and stairs for apartments
Bedroom design - interior design
interior design of bedroom with wooden touch and bahaus minimalist feel
Interior design of bedroom in apartment building