Jamal Farm House – Gulberg Green – Islamabad

Jamal Farm House – Facade Uplift and Landscape Design – Gulberg Greens – Islamabad


Client: Mr. Fahad Jamal and Mr. Saad Jamal
Location: House 225, Street A-11, Block A, Gulberg Greens, Islamabad.
Google Maps: Click here to open the location.
Project type: Renovation, Landscape design.
Plot area: 5 Kanals.
Total floors: Basement, ground, first floor with mumty.
Status: Completed


Services provided:

Architecture design
Landscape design
Electrical design
Plumbing design
Site supervision


Facade Uplift of 5 Kanal Farm House in Gulberg Greens, Islamabad.

Farm houses in Islamabad come with varying price ranges, typically starting at 4 crore and going up to 6 crore. These prices are influenced by factors such as infrastructure and location, reflecting the high demand and value of properties in the area.

Some of the prominent locations of farmhouses in Islamabad include Royal Farmhouse on Chakri Road near Mivida City Islamabad and Blue World City Islamabad, Gulberg Greens Islamabad with farmhouses in different blocks, Blue Hills Farm Houses project on the main Chakri Road, Capital Smart City Islamabad featuring farmhouses close to the airport and motorway, and Banigala Farm House in Bani Gala Islamabad located on Rawal Lake. But in our opinion Gulberg Greens Farmhouses are located in a very prime location compared to others.

Primarc Studio were contacted in the middle of construction of this farmhouse in Gulberg Greens. The previous facade was not contemporary enough and had no real application of materials on it. Primarc Studio was brought in to modern and rethink the facade.

While rethinking the facade Primarc Studio also designed the landscape design from the ground up. Creating pathways and garden beds also. We used tuff tiles for some walkways and for some walkways we used bajri / crush.

To get more information about Islamabad Farm Houses from Primarc Studio, you can reach out to our contact number. The person will guide you through a consultation process, help you select the property that suits your needs, support you in booking the property, and assist you in the journey of owning your dream property to designing your house on top of it.

From selection to designing house to interior design to landscape design of your farmhouse. We offer contruction only on project management. Thus feel free to contact Primarc Studio using the provided information for further details.

farmhouse exterior design with palm tree
Gulberg Green farm house with modern and contemporary design
Child running infront of a house in modern style with palm tree
Sun shining on farmhouse exterior with palm tree near main door
Palm tree infront of house
House design with travertine and stone and palm tree
Farm house designed in Gulberg Greens Islamabad
Modern farm house building design with lawn infront
Cream travertine and grey stone used on the exterior of farm house
Sitting area infront of house with green lawn and drive way area
Farmhouse exterior design with grey grating on wall under beautiful clouds
Farm house near Primarc Studio in Gulberg Greens
Jaali design and boundary wall design
Window and modern facade with many clouds in sky
Boy running infront of jaali design
View of farmhouse infront of children bikes