Saima Idrees House – DHA Phase 2 – Islamabad

Saima Idrees Abassi House – DHA Phase 2 – Islamabad



Client: Saima Idrees Abassi
Location: House 08, Lane 06, Sector D, DHA Phase II, Islamabad
Google Maps: Click here to open the location.
Project type: Residential Design.
Plot area: 1 Kanal
Covered area: 8,106 square feet.
Total floors: Ground, basement plus first floor with mumty.
Status: Completed.
Consultants: Design House (Structure Design), Yaqoob Constructions (Construction Company)


Services provided:

Architecture design
Interior design
Landscape design
Structure design
Electrical design
Plumbing design
Site supervision


1 Kanal Modern Corner House Exterior And Interior Designed in DHA Phase 2, Islamabad

The client approached Primarc Studio with a unique opportunity to transform a captivating corner house. Located in the heart of Islamabad’s elite Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Phase 2. This particular project was already in the construction phase. Dissatisfied with the current architectural team’s work and management, the client entrusted us with the task of restructuring some parts of the project to create a true gem of modern living.

Saima Abbassi House Exterior Design DHA Phase II by Primarc Studio
Saima Abbassi House Exterior Design DHA Phase II by Primarc Studio
Modern exterior 1 kanal house in DHA Phase 2
Modern exterior fron view of 1 kanal house in DHA Phase 2
Corner 1 Kanal view of modern house in DHA Phase 2 Islamabad
Balcony view, gate design and boundary wall design in DHA Phase 2
Corner house in DHA Phase 2 Islamabad

Client’s Brief

The client’s vision for this corner house was a finely crafted home — a blend of design and skill that seamlessly combines aesthetics, functionality, and luxury — that we were happy to cater to. She envisioned a space that had a touch of luxury while upholding sustainability principles. A space that not only felt inviting but also ensured a consistent natural light flow throughout the room, regardless of its orientation.

House exterior design with garden lights on the outside
View of modern house with garden lights and travertine on exterior
Balcony with feature wall on the exterior of the house

Our Plan For The House

Our design foundation aimed to create a plan that was considerate of its surroundings, incorporating the already-built grey structure and the distinctive features of the land. To achieve this, we thoroughly revisited every aspect of the project, spanning from the internal layout to the external aesthetics. By skillfully blending various interior spaces, redefining their functions, and elevating the overall façade, we aimed to create a harmonious and unified living environment.

First floor master bedroom balcony details
View of modern house with balcony and travertine on exterior

A significant challenge we faced was the limitation of the existing structural plan in meeting the client’s expectations for grandeur and balance.

Innovatively, we reimagined the basement, transforming it into a versatile space featuring a swimming pool, changing rooms, a theatre, and a couple of rooms with attached bathrooms. The standout element of the layout is the main entrance, connecting spaces and capturing attention by welcoming visitors with a tree emerging from the basement.


The exterior of the corner house underwent a makeover to complement the richness of its new interior. To achieve this, we proposed the demolition of certain sections and the construction of new structures to harmonize the modern facade of the residence.

Utilizing custom-made lights from Just Another Guild, we strategically positioned garden and bollard lights to create a captivating interplay of light and shadow, enhancing the exterior with added dimension and character.

Exterior of modern house evening view, with stone and metal details
View of the lighting behind the coloumns on exterior of the house
View of the modern house in DHA Phase 2 Islamabad
Exterior house detail with travertine, metal and marble

Interior Design

Every detail of the interior design received our undivided attention. To bring the client’s vision of luxury to life, we focused on intricate details in the woodwork, custom lighting from Just Another Guild and SAbdullah, and tiles sourced from Kale and CreteSol, including both local and imported tiles from Turkey, UAE, and Tehran.

Free standing wall at the entrance of house with stairs
Entrance door and steps design with rope light
Free standing wall with skylight above in the house
Free standing wall starts from the basement with the planters
Double height lounge with windows and media wall

The completed space exudes richness and warmth, offering the client a luxurious ambiance without exceeding their budget. 

Detail of the planter and light design in master bedroom
Master bedroom interior design with bedside light custom designed by Primarc Studio
Powder room view with sink designed by Primarc Studio in corian
Interior design of the drawing room with ceiling design with integrated lights
Another view of kitchen's design

In the foyer, a wall adorned with a blossoming tree serves as a delightful surprise, connecting with the outdoors and setting a tranquil tone for visitors. This feature is a subtle nod to our commitment to sustainability and precision in design.

Kitchens interior design on the ground floor with island counter in the middle
Another view of the double height ceiling with chandelier from the first floor
View of the chandelier and ceiling from the first floor lobby
Closeup of double height media wall with windows
Ceiling design of lounge with chandelier in the middle
Master washroom with corian custom sink designed by Primarc Studio
Light and planter detail on the bedside
Bathroom sink designed solely for this washroom
Sitting area designed on the first floor
Washroom design with bathtub and sink and backlit stairs

Landscape Design

A sophisticated home deserves an equally refined outdoor area. We’ve included a rooftop grill and carefully planned seating to create a space that complements the architectural elegance. This landscaped area serves as a leisure and recreation spot, enhancing the overall appeal of the residence. It’s the perfect place for the client to entertain visitors and unwind on relaxing evenings.

Evening view of boundary wall with exterior design of house
Boundary wall and modern house exterior design with metal details
Boundary wall design with exterior lighting on house.
Evening view of house with garden lights and free standing walls
Evening view of the exterior with garden lights and lighting on the exterior wall and facade
Evening view lighting with garden lights lighting the pathway
Close up of the garden light and exterior wall in dha phase 2 islamabad
Exterior wall lit up detail
View of the lobby of first floor with free standing wall and stairs leading to mumty
Bedroom detail with the bedside lights and windows.
View of the sitting area on the first floor with sitting area and double height lounge
Media wall design on the first floor
Bedroom interior design on the first floor with windows on either side of the wall and bed side lights

Mitigating And Resolving Issues Along The Way

One of the many difficulties we encountered during the handoff from the prior architecture company was bringing our design into harmony with the client’s original idea.

Master bedroom media wall design with marble texture
Wall light details
Another of the stairs leading to the bath tub
Another view of the washroom

The success of the project hinged on our capacity to respond to the client’s feedback and devise an updated master plan that not only met but exceeded their expectations.

Rooms interior design with closet design
Barbq place on the mumty and roof with proper grilling area and place
Swimming pool experimented with new tile and feature wall
Ceiling and wardrobe design with rope light and light strips in the ceiling
View of the swimming pool with feature lights and lighting in the ceiling.
Stair case to mumty in the ots of the house
View of the soundproof walls from the side with rope lighting in there.
Media room in the basement with soundproof walls and lighting
Feature wall closeup and skylight above the swimming pool
How you appraoch the swimming pool room in the basement

The transformation of this corner house in DHA Phase 2, Islamabad, speaks to our dedication to delivering exceptional service. By integrating the client’s ideas and navigating challenges with creative solutions, we crafted a residence that epitomises opulence.

Exterior wall design and detail with light
House exterior with metal, marble and travertine
House front exterior design with garage
View of garage from front lawn with garden lights from Just Another Guild
Sitting area on the roof
View of the metal detail from the terrace