bylaws for Farmhouse design in Gulberg Greens Islamabad

Bylaws for Farmhouses in Gulberg Greens, Islamabad

Living in a farmhouse community like Gulberg Greens Islamabad offers a unique blend of rural charm and modern amenities. To ensure a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing environment for all residents, a set of bylaws for farmhouses have been established. These bylaws serve as a guide for farmhouse construction, maintenance, and overall community conduct. By adhering to these guidelines, residents can contribute to a thriving and enjoyable living experience for themselves and their neighbors.

Bylaws for farmhouses are very clear and similar to other residential homes. The checklist is given below.

Note: Please contact the site inspector at the different construction stages mentioned in the inspection card.

bylaws for farmhouses Gulberg greens commercial building

“Further detail must be seen via approved drawings and building and zoning bylaws Gulberg Greens and Gulberg Residencia Islamabad – 2012 (IBECHS)”

Bylaws for Farmhouses in Gulberg Greens, Islamabad.


Sr Nc Check List Permissible Limits
1 Entry gate and 2 gates if corner Grating line under the gate
2 Height of Ramp Max 1′ from road crown at the center of gate and install 3 pipes of each 9″ dia under the ramp
3 Covered area (individual floor) 20% of the plot area
4 Set backs (front, side1x2, Rear) 75x15x15x30 (4,5 kanal)
5 Set backs (front, side1x2, Rear) 100x20x20x30 (10 kanal
6 Guard room area Max 140 sft
7 Porch area Max 10′ could be in the front setback and Max 5′ in the side setback
8 No. of Storeys Allowed Basement + Ground + First Floor
9 Plinth Level (from center of plot) Max 5′ from front road crown
10 Height of building Max 30′ (till 1st floor slab)
11 Height of Mumty Floor Clear Height 8′, Slab 6″, Parapet 6″
12 Services plan As per approved drawings
13 Mumty Area Max 450 sft
14 Projections Max 3′
15 Underground water tank / Overhead water tank (4 Kanal) 2400 – 3600 gallons max.
16 Underground water tank / Overhead water tank (5 Kanal) 2400 – 3800 gallons max.
17 Underground water tank / Overhead water tank (10 Kanal) 2400 – 4000 gallons max.
18 Septic tank (10’x6’x5′) As per approved drawings
19 Rainwater harvesting tank Minimum 4000 gallons
20 Landscaping area At least 50% of the total plot area
21 Guard room projection Max 1′-6″
22 Guard room total height Max 11′ from the road crown at the center of the gate
23 Canopi height at the first floor Max 5′
24 Canopi height at the ground floor Max 5′
25 DPC level (Fence) Max 3′
26 Boundary wall height max. 7′ DPC and 2′ Fence
27 See-through fence max. height 3′ DPC and 6′ Fence
28 See-through fence front wall As per approved drawings of the society
29 Parapet wall height Max 3′

These Bylaws serve as a comprehensive framework to ensure a harmonious, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable environment within the Gulberg Greens farmhouse community. By adhering to these guidelines, residents can contribute to the overall character and value of the development.

We encourage all farmhouse owners to actively participate in maintaining the high standards set forth in these Bylaws. For any clarifications or amendments, please reach out to the Gulberg Greens Management Committee. Working together, we can ensure Gulberg Greens remains a premier destination for luxurious farmhouse living.

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