Gerrys Building on Park Road Islamabad

Quarterly Roundup with Nowshera Visit and Kalam’s Project – Newsletter Edition #06

June has been sizzling, but it has nothing on our passion for design! Enough with the summer puns—let’s dive into the latest updates from our studio.

Reflecting on the second quarter, we are thrilled to announce that several of our projects have commenced construction in the past few months. We can hardly contain our excitement and look forward to showcasing them soon.

Previously, our spotlight has mostly been on projects within the capital. This time, however, we are expanding our horizons. From the breathtaking mountain vistas of Kalam in the Swat Valley to the meticulously planned housing societies of Nowshera, we have architectural marvels to share from each locale.

Additionally, we are excited to announce Primarc’s Summer Internship 2024 commencement this July. We eagerly anticipate a season of mutual learning with our interns, contributing fresh perspectives and creativity to our projects.


Modern, flexible office spaces – Gerry’s Building Extension, Islamabad 

The Gerry’s Building Extension project, located on Gerry’s Building Park Road, Islamabad, is a striking example of contemporary architecture that combines flexibility with aesthetic appeal. 

Gerry Office Building Islamabad

Designed to provide rentable office spaces that cater to various tenant needs, this building accommodates both floor-by-floor rentals and full-building leases, ensuring that Gerry’s can expand their office space as their workforce grows, with no restrictions on potential tenants. The building’s design masterfully blends modern minimalism with subtle classical elements, adhering to the principle of “form follows function,” emphasizing practicality without compromising style. 

The facade is defined by straight lines and geometric forms, enhancing the building’s modern aesthetic, while vertical lines create a sense of height and stability, contributing to its commanding presence. Conceived as a single, cohesive volume, the building ensures a unified and grand appearance, supported by a grid structure that promotes efficient space utilization and flexible interior design. Expansive glass windows foster transparency and connectivity with the surroundings, allowing natural light to permeate the interiors and creating a visual link between inside and outside, enhancing the sense of openness.

Gerry's Building Design by Architects in Islamabad

The design also accommodates future expansion, allowing Gerry’s to effortlessly adjust office space as their workforce increases, without major structural modifications. Overall, Gerry’s building extension project exemplifies thoughtful architectural design that balances functionality with visual appeal, combining modern and classical elements to provide a practical and attractive workspace that will meet the evolving needs of Gerry’s and its tenants for years to come.


Holiday Haven – Kalam Hotel, Swat Valley 

Primarc Studio took on the challenge of designing a three-star hotel in Kalam, Swat Valley, Pakistan. The client sought a harmonious blend of modern comfort and local charm, utilizing abundant indigenous materials while navigating logistical challenges.

The master plan for the site prioritizes panoramic views, ensuring every corner of the hotel offers guests an immersive experience of Kalam’s natural beauty. The exterior façade seamlessly integrates local wood and stone with modern architectural lines, inviting guests into a space that feels both familiar and contemporary.

Hotel exterior design with sloped roof and metal details

Step inside and be greeted by expansive windows that showcase breathtaking [type of view]. The design prioritizes comfort, offering plush sofas, strategically placed armchairs, and an abundance of natural light that floods the space. Handcrafted furniture made from reclaimed teak with intricate [craftsmanship technique] details adds a touch of rustic elegance. Locally sourced stone fireplaces, each with a unique design, provide warmth and a connection to the surrounding environment. The seamless flow between the inviting interiors and the captivating outdoors creates a unified and tranquil atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

We’re thrilled to share our progress, and we can’t wait to unveil this holiday haven in its entirety! Once construction is complete, we hope you’ll consider booking your stay and experiencing it for yourself.

And that’s a wrap on our quarterly roundup! We’re excited to keep you informed about our ongoing projects and design innovations. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!