Adeel House – Quetta, Balochistan

Adeel House – Quetta – Balochistan


Client: Mr. Adeel
Google Maps: Click here to open the location.
Project type: Residential.
Plot area: 25×50 or 5 marlas.
Covered area:
Total floors: Basement, ground plus first floor with mumty.
Status: Under construction as of March, 2024.

Crafting Contemporary Comfort: Adeel’s Modern 5-Marla Home in Quetta, Balochistan

In the picturesque city of Quetta, we embarked on a small yet ambitious project: crafting a modest home for one of our esteemed clients, Adeel. Despite the constraints of a 5 marla plot in comparison to a 1 Kanal plot, our  team of architects skillfully engineered a modern, functional abode that perfectly aligned with the client’s aspirations. Through meticulous planning and innovative design, we seamlessly merged beauty, utility, and comfort into one harmonious dwelling.

From the outset, Mr. Adeel articulated his vision for a contemporary residence with an open, inviting ambiance optimised for the available space. Recognizing the plot’s limited dimensions, our team dedicated themselves to maximising every square inch. Adeel’s request for a patio and ground floor parking highlighted his desire for a peaceful and convenient home.

Our architects devised a comprehensive plan tailored to Adeel’s requirements, ingeniously utilising the 5 marla dimensions. The ground floor layout featured a spacious living room  integrated with a well-appointed kitchen. The kitchen counter also doubled as a dining area, with a door leading out to the patio, flooding the space with natural light and fresh air, filling it with a sense of brightness and openness.

Incorporating green spaces within the house provided pockets of serenity, transforming it into an oasis amidst the urban hustle. These miniature gardens not only enhanced aesthetics but also extended the living area outdoors, offering a cosy retreat for relaxation or intimate gatherings.

The ground floor design also included designated parking for Adeel’s car, ensuring convenience and safety for swift access whenever needed.

The exterior of the house was carefully designed to exude contemporary elegance. Clean lines, a harmonious colour palette, and tasteful embellishments lent the facade an irresistible charm. Modern materials like glass, metal, and textured surfaces added a touch of sophistication, creating a visually striking blend of form and function.

Upon entering Adeel’s abode, one is greeted with an atmosphere of refined comfort. The interiors possess a modern aesthetic with practicality, fulfilling Adeel’s vision for his dream home.

The centrally positioned living room boasts an open layout, enhancing the sense of spaciousness. Warm, neutral tones adorn the walls, complemented by carefully selected furniture and decor, evoking a warm ambiance.

The kitchen epitomises style and functionality, making room for ample storage, modern appliances, and generous counter space for any and all culinary endeavours.

Ascending the well-designed staircase leads to private quarters designed for utmost comfort. The bedrooms serve as tranquil retreats, maximising storage and natural light while reflecting Adeel’s personal style and preferences.

Our team of architects successfully translated Adeel’s vision for a modern, functional home on a 5-marla plot into reality in Quetta. By incorporating a courtyard and designated parking space on the ground floor, we optimised the available space. Adeel and his family are sure to feel welcomed and relaxed in their beautifully designed home, a testament to our commitment to creating exceptional living spaces that enhance our clients’ lives within the constraints of plot size.

05 marla house design in modern and minimalist style
05 marla modern house design
05 marla modern house design with windows and double parking
Terrace view of the modern facade of 05 marla house
05 marla house design with parking space for two cars
modern design of 05 marla house in quetta with windows and simple design
05 Marla house with simple design
05 Marla modern exterior house design
05 marla house design in quetta
Small house exterior design