ASC Museum – Nowshera Cantt, KPK

Army Services Corps Museum – Nowshera Cantt – KPK


Client: Army Services Corps.
Location: Chaklala Park, ASC Colony Road, ASC Centre, Nowshera.
Google Maps: Click here to to open Google Maps location.
Project type: Hospitality.
Covered area: 12,915 square feet.
Total floors: One floor only. Ground floor.
Status: Concept approved, construction on hold.
Consultants: Design House (Structure design).


Services provided:

Architecture design
Interior design
Landscape design
Structure design
Electrical design
Plumbing design
Site supervision


Designing a Landmark: The ASC Museum by Primarc Studio

The Army Services Corps Museum stands as a testament to the region’s rich cultural and historical heritage. Tasked with renovating this esteemed institution, Primarc Studio faced challenges regarding cost and design considerations. Consequently, it was decided to embark on a fresh start, beginning with a blank canvas.

Project Brief

Primarc Studio secured the bid to design the ASC Museum, which was intended to be a landmark in Nowshera Cantt. With meticulous effort, the firm crafted a modern museum catering to a diverse audience. Spanning 12,915 sq ft in gross area and 11,823 sq ft in exhibition space, the museum holds the potential to preserve 20 more years’ worth of memories and artefacts at the museum as time passes by. 

Planning and Design

Designing the museum proved to be a daunting task, involving the sorting and curation of items dating back to the 1850s. Despite the challenges, the result was a contemporary homage to the army companies that completed training courses in Nowshera Cantt. The museum not only showcases historical artefacts but also displays vehicles used in wars and pays tribute to soldiers and commanders.

The museum’s design features a modern and concise approach, highlighted by a circular entrance lobby and exhibition spaces characterised by calm materiality and ample daylight. The indoor circulation routes are designed to meet the user demands of the museum, while the exhibition spaces can be flexibly combined.

The architectural identity of the museum draws inspiration from the traditional pink and red marble indigenous to the region. The building combines modern and traditional themes, embedding it in its urban and cultural context in a contemporary manner. This army museum is situated in the heart of Nowshera’s ASC Centre’s cantonment park, with a monument in the middle. Our architecture and interior design firm was tasked with incorporating the monument into the museum’s design, making it an integral part of the museum.

In conclusion, the Army Services Corps Museum by Primarc Studio epitomizes a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition, serving as a beacon of the Cantonment’s cultural and historical significance. It stands as a testament to Primarc Studio’s prowess in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces that honor the past while embracing the present.

Primarc Studio is an architecture and interior design studio based in Gulberg Green that provides its services all over Pakistan, from the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. They have active projects in three major provinces of Pakistan.



Army museum design in Nowshera Cantt
ASC Army Museum exterior and interior design
ASC Army Museum Exterior design with Entrance design
Army Museum, window looks into the corridor
Army Museum entrance design with local marble used in a book match
ASC Museum entrance design with water body integrated
Army museum in the lobby with view towards the monument
Lobby view of the army museum with timeline on the window and guns and shields displayed on walls
Lobby and display of items in army museum in Nowshera
View from near the window of Army museum
Monument in the middle of army museum with interior design
Army museum design of lobby and interior design with monument in the middle with water bodies
View from lobby and view of monument in the army museum
Hall of fame and bravery in the asc army museum
Open spaces in the middle of the museum with courtyard.
Monument integration with water body and army museum
Bird eye view of the army museum in nowshera cantt near peshawar