Muhammad Farooq House – Airport Enclave, Rawalpindi

Muhammad Farooq House – Airport Enclave – Rawalpindi


Client: Muhammad Farooq.
Location: House 165, Street 04, Block-A, Airport Enclave, Rawalpindi.
Google Maps: Click here to open the location.
Project type: Residential.
Covered area: 2695.6 square feet.
Total floors: Basement, ground plus first floor with mumty.
Status: Under construction as of 09 March 2024.
Consultants: Design House (Structure design).


Services provided:

Architecture design
Interior design
Landscape design
Structure design
Electrical design
Plumbing design
Site supervision


Muhammad Farooq House – An Unusual Five Marla House in Airport Enclave, Islamabad.

Situated on a scenic park-facing plot, this architectural marvel embodies the essence of sleek and contemporary living. Let’s take a closer look at how meticulous planning and innovative design concepts have shaped every facet of this residence, with a particular focus on the artful integration of storage and functionality in the bathrooms.

Primarc Studio is an architecture and interior design studio based in Gulberg Green that provides its services all over Pakistan, from the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. They have active projects in three major provinces of Pakistan.

Client’s Brief For His Humble Abode

The project’s unique challenge lay in the compact plot size of 25′ x 45′, coupled with the requirement for a single-family unit catering to the needs of a couple. Despite the spatial constraints, the client was realistic with their requirements, provisions for a guest bedroom and a basement pool and entertainment area were essential components of the client’s vision.

Notably, the design prioritized fixed windows to limit openings, addressing the client’s allergy concerns while enhancing privacy and security.



The spatial arrangement was meticulously crafted to optimize space utilization and flow. The ground floor seamlessly integrates semi-private spaces, including a lounge sitting area, kitchen, and powder room, while the absence of a bedroom on this level enhances the sense of openness. The first-floor bedroom boasts serene views of the park, strategically positioned to capture natural light and tranquility.



The facade reflects the epitome of modern residential architecture, with expansive glass windows, striking contrasts in materials, and sleek design elements that captivate the eye. Thoughtful landscaping further enhances the exterior, blurring the lines between architecture and nature.

Open-concept modern house interior with spacious layout
Innovative modern architecture showcasing unique home exterior design in airport enclave
5 marla house with solar panels and modern exterior design in Airport Enclave, Rawalpindi

Basement’s Hall / Lounge Interior Design

The basement master hall seamlessly transitions between an entertainment hub and a cozy bedroom retreat, showcasing the adaptability of modern living spaces. Whether hosting gatherings or accommodating guests, this multifunctional design effortlessly caters to the evolving needs of homeowners.

Luxurious basement lounge with indoor swimming pool
Contemporary design of Basement with stairs leading to ground floor
Sleek modern basement interior design and stairs
Architectural visualization of a chic underground lounge with a swimming pool
Basement entertainment space featuring a stylish swimming pool
Underground lounge with a swimming pool
Contemporary basement lounge design
Sophisticated modern basement lounge
Custom-designed basement lounge design with tv on wall
Indoor-outdoor living concept in basement
Basement entertainment space featuring a stylish swimming pool

Basement’s Bathroom Interior Design

Modern bathroom interior design
Shower area interior design of washroom
Bathroom interior design with round mirror

Ground Floor’s Lounge Interior Design

Stylish modern lounge with double-height ceiling and kitchen overlooking from upper level
Ground floor lounge with integrated kitchen on left side
modern living area interior design with modern clock and planter
Custom-designed ground floor lounge with mezzanine kitchen for contemporary living
Sophisticated double-height lounge with sleek kitchen overlooking from upper level
Architectural visualization of a modern ground floor lounge with mezzanine kitchen
Sitting area in front of entrance door for taking off shoes and kitchen behind on mezzanine
Sleek and spacious ground floor lounge with double-height ceiling and elevated kitchen
View of the modern and stylish lounge interior design from the lounge

Master Bedroom Interior Design

The master bedroom epitomizes contemporary luxury, with ribbon windows offering panoramic park views and flooding the space with natural light. Wooden accents infuse warmth into the modern aesthetic, while modern lighting fixtures and entertainment options ensure functionality without compromising style.

Contemporary bedroom interior with expansive window offering abundant natural light
Sleek modern bedroom design featuring a spacious layout and space to sit infront of window
Architectural visualization of a stylish bedroom with a panoramic view window
Luxurious bedroom interior with large window providing stunning outdoor views
Elegant modern bedroom's storage space

Master Bathroom Interior Design

The bathrooms exemplify quintessential modernity, characterized by clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and thoughtful layouts. Neutral tones create a serene atmosphere, complemented by sleek tiles that ensure durability and ease of maintenance. Ample lighting, both natural and artificial, enhances visibility and ambiance, while practical storage solutions seamlessly integrate into the design, ensuring a clutter-free environment.

Sleek and contemporary master bathroom design with luxurious finishes
Architectural visualization of a modern spa-like master bathroom retreat

First Floor Bedroom and Washroom Interior Design

Minimalist bedroom interior with clean lines and contemporary decor
Sleek and modern bedroom design emphasizing simplicity and elegance
Contemporary bedroom interior featuring simplicity and sophistication
Effortlessly elegant bedroom design with a modern twist
Urban sanctuary: simple bathroom interior for a peaceful retreat
Understated luxury in a modern bathroom setting
Chic modern master bathroom with spacious layout and premium finishes
Stylish master bathroom interior with minimalist aesthetics and elegant fixtures
Luxury master bathroom design featuring high-end amenities and sleek decor

In conclusion, this 5 Marla House project exemplifies the marriage of form and function, where every design decision is driven by a commitment to creating living spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. From efficient spatial planning to innovative storage solutions, each element contributes to a harmonious and luxurious living experience that transcends the ordinary.