Basics Renovation Opinion - Facade uplift of Jamal House - Farmhouse in Gulberg Greens, Islamabad

Basics Renovation Opinion

Renovation Basics in Primarc Studio’s Opinion.

Unless you live under a rock or altogether boycotting social media, you have probably come across hundreds of reels or vlogs on renovation projects. Whether it’s fixing up the house they just bought or tearing it down brick by brick, every dedicated YouTuber is walking you through how they fixed up their place. Why these videos are so fascinating, that we have a staggering amount of viewers hooked on to them, is not a mystery when you glance at your own house.

Renovation Basics in Primarc Studio's Opinion.

The Necessity of Renovation: Understanding the Human Need for Improvement

Renovation is a basic human need that comes with ownership. Whether it’s making changes to an existing building or structure to improve its appearance, functionality, or energy efficiency, renovation projects can range in scope and complexity from minor cosmetic updates to large-scale overhauls that involve significant structural changes. Of course, most of it depends on the personal whims of homebodies who have to live full-time with minor faults and quirks in their house.

The Necessity of Renovation: Understanding the Human Need for Improvement

It wasn’t till I rented a three-bedroom flat in the suburbs of Karachi that I realized how agonizing it can be to be unable to renovate. A leaking faucet is a piece of cake, but a leaking roof can consume your thoughts to the point of madness. Thankfully I was lucky enough to scrape by with no leaking roof traumas, but it made me keenly attuned to the psychological impact of the stress which results in renovation projects. This is also why most people put off renovation projects for years until they eventually regret not taking them up sooner on account of budget constraints.

The Necessity of Renovation: Understanding the Human Need for Improvement

In my opinion, the negative vibes surrounding the concept of house renovation in Pakistan are usually a result of the inability to find a contractor or handyman who listens to you. Like really listens and supports your vision to fix things and doesn’t tell you to chuck out your entire bathroom because he can’t cut a tile out to fix the plumbing. Yeah, we all hate those types.

Before we delve into renovation’s finer aspects, let me remind you that you don’t need to take on the headache of finding resources and repairers to do the job. You can reach out to Primarc Studio and let them take the reins to renovate your place in Pakistan according to your wishes. Why bother running after people who don’t listen nor show up on time but make you spend double the amount with no end result? My team and I can do the legwork while you remain in the comfort of your home.

The Necessity of Renovation: Understanding the Human Need for Improvement

Why Renovation Projects Require the Help of Architecture Firms and Contractors

Typically renovation projects may involve a wide range of activities, which may be done by a professional architecture firm like Primarc Studio, or contractors may include:

1: Repairing or replacing damaged or worn-out materials or systems. This could include fixtures, ventilation, carpeting, etc.

2: Updating the appearance or style of the building. A fresh paint job or lighting improvement with a bit of landscaping can change the entire outlook of any building.

3: Improving energy efficiency or sustainability. We all agree that electrical wiring needs to be updated because those bills aren’t cheap.

4: Adding or removing walls, floors, or other structures. Sometimes you need to knock out a wall to make space.

5: Increasing or decreasing the size of the building.

So renovation projects may be undertaken for various reasons, including to update an aging building, to adapt the building to changing needs or uses, or to increase the property’s value. But we stand on the same page when considering how complex and time-consuming these projects can be. Also, unless you are an expert in multiple fields, you have to relent that these projects require the expertise of architecture firms, contractors, and other professionals to ensure that the work is done safely and effectively.

Why Renovation Projects Require the Help of Architecture Firms and Contractors

Preserving the Essence of Spaces: Primarc Studio’s Philosophy

Luckily, every renovation project in Pakistan is manageable at our architecture and interior design firm, Primarc Studio. We believe in preserving the essence of spaces and staying true to their original form while allowing for room to progress with time. We have significant experience redesigning museums as icons of heritage with a contemporary touch. The past doesn’t need to be erased to make room for the future; instead, it should be celebrated as the pinnacle on which we stand now.

Preserving the Essence of Spaces: Primarc Studio's Philosophy